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May 10, 2008

Puffles on walls?

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I know,it sounds weird but it is true.Even though it is not April fools.

Here is a picture of what i saw earlier in a member’s igloo:

Isn’t that weird?



New play and pin!

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The 12th fish has not been on since last December! Here is what it looks like:

The switch box 3000 won’t be used in this play though.

And the pin is located in the coffee shop.
Here is how to get it:

Note: GIF is 0:47 seconds long.

7 more days till the party…


May 8, 2008

CPAN was right!

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Also,one penguin found it without a tutorial!(i think)

What will happen in the next coming days?

More in episode 5!


May 6, 2008

Gift shop secret?

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Yep,its true. How to get it is with the pic.

First, move the first section over the second.

Now, you can read the message. I wont give it away since i want it to be a surprise.

Also, Rockhopper has left CP which means that the treasure hunt game is gone too. It will come back,dont worry. The key will still remain in the Book Room if you have not been on in a while on CP.


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